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Beaver Gumball


We’d seen Beaver Vending Machines in grocery stores and movie theatres across the country and associated the brand with cinematic magic and the smell of popcorn. When the Beaver organization came to us with a goal to expand their client base into retail markets by launching the Beaver Gumball Machine product line, we were tasked with developing a stripped down, cosy brand that would fit into domestic spaces.

Not only were we creating a new image, we were rolling out an entire identity consisting of corporate brochures, a top tier, technologically savvy website, package designs and business cards. The revamped Beaver brand had to consistently resonate across the mediums of different collateral.

With this brand the resonators we sought would trigger emotional responses, so we began our search by appealing to the heart. The Beaver Gumball Machine image line consists of hard, explosive angles softened by background organic movement. It’s an androgynous pairing reminiscent of our favourite ‘60s comic strips. Like those famous Marvel characters, the brand is playful but not juvenile, drawing every age category.

The Beaver Gumball Machine website contains pages of necessary technical information, but we’ve organized the information into digestible packets and incorporated visual instructions.