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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Game plan, blueprint, plan of attack.
Regardless of word selection, each term is synonymous with planning and it’s an integral stepping stone to building your marketing and advertising efforts on a well-researched foundation. While there are many words to describe the sometimes arduous task of planning (time consuming, a pain in the arse, etc. ) marketing strategy and planning can be made simple when you work with a team committed to getting your marketing and business needs where they need to be.

Marketing simply means developing and implementing a strategic plan that identifies, anticipates and satisfies your consumer demands. This begins with marketing research. Don’t cringe! Market research can be a doozy if it isn’t effectively completed the first time around. Your marketing efforts will likely fall flat if you don’t do the preliminary planning required. And darn, you are going to be frustrated when you don’t see a return on investment. Good thing we’ve got you covered.

Our marketing strategy and planning will include gathering and recording information about your target audience, industry markets, products and or services and competition so that the information can be analyzed to inform marketing decisions. Below you will find a list of services that we provide marketing strategy and planning for.

  • Creative Strategy and Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Brand Development and Creation
  • Strategic Content Development
  • Account and Project Management
  • Marketing and Communications Consulting