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Content Strategy

Fresh and engaging content is a must in today’s online-driven business world. The potential value from having a website or a blog is instantly lost if that site grows stale and idle, desperate for new content.

The prospect of posting regular content can feel intimidating, especially when you’re sitting in front of your computer screen with five minutes left before your deadline. But there’s a better way.

Content Strategy is planning and mapping the creation and delivery of content across multiple channels. Having a plan in place keeps your content useful, relevant and valuable, driving interaction and engagement with your target customer.

We help you get into the gritty details of who your customer is and what they actually want from you. Outlining strengths and weaknesses in the current content delivery system, building audience personas and identifying the channels through which your product or service is discovered is all a piece of the puzzle in making sure your content makes a difference.

Your business’s content marketing strategy should be unique and tied to your business goals. Put a plan in place to stop the wheels from spinning and to see the results of your work.

For content strategy projects, our team will:

  • Conduct initial brainstorming and research
  • Evaluate and compile existing content
  • Identify buyer personas and target audience
  • Create goals and expectations for content
  • Develop content schedules and timelines
  • Devise a strategy for content development
  • Identify opportunities and channels for active content marketing
  • Identify influencers and partners who can assist in sharing content
  • Evaluate content ROI with analytics