Our Process

Creativity requires strategy. Without it, it’s just ideas.

Where collaboration and consultation converge.

We take a consultative and collaborative approach on all projects because we have an invested interest in getting to know you and what you need from us as your creative partners. Why you ask? We believe there is value in combining ideas, collective decision-making and cooperation. Our work process involves clients every step of the way. This ensures that a project, whether a custom web-based application, an integrated multi-platform campaign, a brand overhaul, or visual identity development, is created with your needs and your vision in mind.

Each project requires an acute understanding of a client’s business, pain points, and goals. This ensures that our clients are satisfied with the outcome of their projects and also gives us the foundation to piece something remarkable together. Our creative process includes information gathering and brainstorming, building a goal-directed strategy and blueprinting, designing and developing, reviewing and testing, and launching the final project.


Information Gather and Brainstorming

The meet and greet!

It’s almost as awkward as a first date, but don’t worry, we’ll keep the conversation flowing. Big open boardroom, tea and coffee - nothing to be shy of. During our first meeting you can expect thoughtful and purposeful questions that will help direct our initial meeting to help uncover your project needs and goals, so we can cultivate the right creative strategy for your unique needs.

  • Client interview and communication
  • Completing discovery documents
  • Understanding project requirements and goals
  • Understanding pain points and unique needs
  • Defining target audience
  • Understanding market and building personas

Blueprinting and Building A Goal-Directed Strategy

Coffee. Check.
Map. Check.

After we collect this information we consolidate it, ponder it, and build a roadmap to plan the best route to tackle your project, which isn’t always the shortest, keep in mind. We don’t like cutting corners, unless it’s in 3rd gear.

This process includes defining the purpose of the project and all the elements that will bring it to life. We iron out the details and select the right step-by-step solution to propel the vision of your project into a reality. Whether it’s creating a detailed sitemap for an online project, or a written concept development for an ad campaign, this is where we finalize the approach and confirm the little details. Afterall, who gets into a car with no route, no destination in mind?

  • Project brief
  • Defining overall concept for project
  • Defining call to action
  • Defining tone for creative
  • Identifying and creating new efficiencies for online projects

Execution of the Plan

Green means go!

This is the stage we give our multidisciplinary team the go ahead. With a thorough understanding of project goals and requirements and a plan of action in place, we’re ready to apply our strategic planning. But don’t make any travel plans yet! Our iterative approach to all projects ensures our client’s active participation and their approval of defined project milestones, so we know we are on track with project requirements and that you love what you see.

  • Developing creative according to the scope of work
  • Completion of project tasks according established project timeline
  • Client review of predetermined project milestones
  • Ensuring end results align with overall project objectives
  • Annual report design, custom application development, bespoke website design, integrated marketing strategies, brand overhauls and everything in between

Quality Assurance and Control

It’s time to get picky!

Our next step involves a magnifying glass and a fine-tooth comb to ensure we have captured all required project requirements. We are diligent workers, but we aren’t perfect (although some of us claim we are) and we like to iron out the the kinks before the project ends up in your hands. We go through a series of checklist items to ensure your project launch is successful, whether it requires meticulous proofreading and copy editing, preflight and print production, or quality testing.

  • Thorough quality assurance
  • Ensuring all client feedback is addressed
  • Proofreading and copy editing
  • Print preparation and production
  • Project preflighting
  • Alpha and beta testing
  • Cross-browser and platform compatibility testing
  • Integration of any required analytic tracking tools
  • If required, ensuring project meets AODA compliance standards
  • Ensuring outstanding errors are addressed

Launch and Continued Support

True creative partnership.

Last but not least, at RC Design, our clients represent much more than a project. They represent long-term creative and digital partnerships. As your creative partners we are here to support you throughout the launch of your project and be an on-going support system. We aim to be a resource to our clients, to educate and inform them, as well as identify their on-going project needs efficiently. Like a true creative partnership, there are no unexpected surprises.

  • Celebrating a successful launch
  • High fives all around
  • Ongoing partnership
  • Ongoing support
  • Ongoing success