Work hard, play hard!

RC Design is a fun and open workplace environment where extraordinary work is created and where cupcakes are frequently devoured. We’re all invested in what we do and the success of our projects, which means that we appreciate our clients and get to know them by their first names.

To work at RC, you have to have an open-mind and a kind heart. You need to have a genuine interest in building your skill set, putting your talents into practice and helping the community along the way. A little enthusiasm and a drive to produce your best doesn’t hurt either! Most of all, we have an attitude that we are here to do our part to the benefit of ourselves, the business and society.

We put a priority on getting along with one another! Our team collaborates closely on projects, and each team member adds their special touch so that we can send it out with a unified stamp of approval.

If this sounds interesting then we’d love to hear from you! RC Design is always open to finding talented, motivated people who are looking for a place where they can be a meaningful part of a remarkable team.