Social media marketing

Ever wonder why so many people are obsessing over social media and the power that it can have on a business? Or maybe how a tweet, story or hashtag can lead to a sale? Well, we are here to shed some light on social media marketing and how it has the ability to foster some new opportunities and profits for your business.

Organic Connections Feel Natural

Building up organic connections is a lot easier on social media. It allows you to genuinely connect with the user instead of trying to buy their eyes. Social media marketing can also help with connecting with who they are as a person not just as a commodity.

Hard selling, cold calls, and other traditional methods are more sales-oriented and therefore harder to create a personalized connection. This means if they’re not interested or feel pressured, they won’t buy. Often, they will give you a vague response and will most likely not follow up. Utilizing social media to sell creates more of an organic connection and can increase your relationship with users.

Having a relationship with prospective clients breaks down that barrier between the business and consumer and starts to build a more connected contact. This gives them a sense of familiarity over time, so the next time they think of buying a product or service you provide they will think of you first. Think of social media platforms as a form of free advertising for your product or service at no direct cost.

Opportunity for Direct Messaging

Utilizing direct messaging can help spread your brand faster to those who might have a follower base you would like to tap into. Direct messaging can also help with referrals which can help increase your revenue. Providing a small group of people with a certain percentage discount can persuade other users to use that code to buy your product. Influencer marketing is a very easy and effective way to increase more legitimate and recurring sales.

Increasing your connection with users beyond just one-way communication can be very beneficial to your business. An existing customer would much rather be able to send you a direct message only to receive a custom message back to them versus being connected to a FAQ section or bot. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference.

Planning Allows For Further Interaction With Your Audience

Creating monthly content calendars with boosted posts is easy to do and saves you a lot of time. Having these calendars previously created gives you more opportunities to further interact with your audience.

Social media marketing allows you to build that relationship in reverse, by letting them know your product or service is available to them before they even know they want or need it. By the time the customer realizes they have a problem, you have a connection with them. This allows them to feel confident in purchasing from you, removing the burden to convince them to trust you.

Increase In Google Organic Ranking, Website Visitors & Credibility

When you use social media and online marketing to make a sale you build your credibility. Many people use social media to check for reviews, endorsements, and testimonials before making a purchase from a small business or a new company they’ve never dealt with before.

Consistently pushing out new content and information can substantially increase your Google ranking. Having your social media connected to your website is crucial as your posts will be automatically generated on your website.

The more information you have regarding your service or product on your website the higher Google will rank you. Finding the right information as quickly as possible when Googling something is a user’s number one priority. If your website is proven to have multiple to different channels of information regarding the topic then the more inclined Google will be to rank you higher.