At RC Design we get to work on some pretty cool projects on a regular basis. Custom web design may be our niche but we also excel in creating compelling digital and print communications, advertising and marketing, and logo and brand development. Once in a while we get a really interesting project where we get to creatively forge something entirely new.

Take for instance, creating a family brand on a shield.

Recently we were commissioned to design a family coat of arms. The client described his vision; a precious family dog, a cherished family home, a swallow representing the dogs unending hunt and a unique cluster of birch trees. Our job was to illustrate our client’s legacy and bring it to life on a beautiful black shield.

A coat of arms is a unique heraldic symbol specific to a person or family on a shield. Visual symbolism is not new. In fact, it’s been used for centuries.  There is a rich heritage associated with a family coat of arms traditionally recognized as a trademark of England and Ireland decent, however family coat of arms were also common in early German, Scandinavian and Nordic countries. A coat of arms was used by medieval knights for protection in battle but also to identify the wearer. Depending on the country, the coat of arms can actually identify a family, a military unit or even an individual.

A single design has the power to drive an entire identity.

To capture the true essence of old-English art style, we teamed up with a local artist to illustrate the client’s vision to capture the historical nuance associated with heraldic design. With some finessing we took the artwork provided by the artist and turned it into a digital illustration. The artwork was then vinyl wrapped onto the shield.

Personal branding begins right at home if you think about it. Think about your family; what do you collectively believe in, value, enjoy? When a family comes together and establishes morals and values a family identity is created; it might be a motto to live by, it might be how your family is recognized in the community, it could be a number of things really, but one thing is certain.

It’s consistent and familiar. Consistency is one of the key elements of maintaining a brand.

A brand is a blueprint; the stepping stone to the design, the content, and the promotional activity behind your identity. It’s about creating and defining a distinguishable and unique position, and creating consistent message that reaffirms this identity. Strong brands elicit emotion and opinions; they get people talking.

And how could a family coat of arms, emblazoned on a shield not be a great conversation starter?