Newmarket in the First World War – Interactive Trench Exhibit

Print Design,Signage + Vehicle Wraps

Newmarket Historical Society

Arts and Culture

RC Design worked together with the Newmarket Historical Social to design exhibit signage and print collateral for their Newmarket in the First World War – Interactive Trench Exhibit, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

The final materials include a brochure and a variety of directional, informational, and photographic signage that conveyed the historical circumstances surrounding the conflict, and provided a glimpse into the everyday life of soldiers from Newmarket who were involved. The signage accompanied a interactive replica trench, which was constructed for the exhibit, First World War artifacts, and real footage of Newmarket soldiers.

Inspiration for the design came from historical newspaper layouts and typography, matched with the rich royal blue of the Newmarket Historical Society brand.