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A screenshot of the secure RC Design website with a proper HTTPS certificate

2017 is the year of HTTPS

The web is constantly changing and improving. Last year we saw a huge trend for mobile and responsive websites. This...

Written on Feb 01, 2017 Updated on 2017-02-01 14:08:17 by rcdesign
A keyword researcher wondering what the point of keyword research is

What’s the Point of Keyword Research?

Every proper search engine optimization campaign begins with keyword research. Like macaroni and cheese, they simply belong together. But what is...

Written on Sep 27, 2016 Updated on 2016-09-27 11:30:42 by rcdesign
WordCamp Toronto 2016 Review

WordCamp Toronto 2016 in Review

WordPress continues to be one of the most preferred content management systems in the world. Approximately a quarter of all...

Written on Aug 10, 2016 Updated on 2016-08-23 12:29:49 by rcdesign
Exceptional Logo Design by the Graphic Design Team at RC Design in Newmarket

What Makes a Logo Design Great?

Logo design is easy, right? After all, we can look at logos for Nike, Apple or McDonald’s and say, “Well, those...

Written on Jul 19, 2016 Updated on 2016-07-19 17:15:58 by rcdesign
Mike Larkin

Michael Larkin Joins the RC Team

We’d like to give an enthusiastic and warm welcome to Michael Larkin, the newest member of the RC Design team! Michael...

Written on May 03, 2016 Updated on 2016-06-21 10:29:33 by rcdesign