As much as we love working in the office, meet up with friends or shopping in person, it might not be the best time to do that. Because of this downtime, it has led to an increase in an online presence. For the time being this is our current reality, so we can try and work together in order to make the best out of this bad situation. 

It’s no surprise that the past few months of quarantine have made a pretty dramatic difference across all businesses — including those who rely on online promotions or campaigns.

Many companies are facing challenges in this new homebound life, and will likely need to continue to keep a close eye on the bottom line for some time to come. 

But what if we told you that there’s an opportunity to continue to grow your business and find new leads, even in these challenging times?


Less Competition

Running an advertising campaign is a whole lot more than just throwing some money in a Google campaign and crossing your fingers.

Amidst all the uncertainty, many business owners may be tempted to put a pause on all campaigns. However, with many companies doing the same thing, it has reduced the amount of competition and therefore can improve your chance of being discovered.

Rather than put the brakes on completely, consider lowering your overall budget and keeping an eye on your campaigns. Most business owners are experiencing a lower cost per click for ads right now, which can stretch your budget further and help drive results.

For example, if you normally have 4 main competitors and 2 of them decide to pause their marketing, you now have the opportunity to gain over 50% of the audience that is looking for your product, without any competition.

Because there is less competition there is more opportunity to increase traffic and conversions. Again you do not have to run a campaign at a top budget you just need to be smart on how you go about it (a skill not every agency has, but RC Design does!) 

Now more than ever users are watching the news or scrolling through Facebook only to see a COVID-19 related post or story every other time.


This is where you come in.

With everything in the news virus-related it is causing people to be in a state of information overload, which is causing serious mental health issues. When something different pops up on a feed, there might be more inclination to read about it.

Lastly, before the pandemic hit, people would plan their days around the chores and activities they had to do outside their house and possibly squeeze in some screen time whenever they had a chance. Now, there has been a 27% increase in Facebook screentime, since the first death was recorded, it has almost completely flipped and screen time has increased and become more of our daily routine. 

The conclusion to this is while people are stuck at home, online shopping and searching is all they can do (aka great for online advertising). Users have more time to read, scroll and view ads, which makes it easier for you to increase brand awareness. 

Lead generation in quarantine might be the best decision for you in order to increase your revenue at a fraction of the cost. If your business and current situation are in accordance with any of the factors outlined above, you might want to consider a lead generation campaign.