11.5.2014 // Don’t miss a chance to be reunited with a family member this holiday season with the Benson Kearley IFG Home for Holidays Contest!

Image with BKIFG logo

When you think of the holidays, you might conjure up images of gifts, wrapping paper and late night, last-minute shopping. You might think of your favourite winter moments; that peppermint hot chocolate and a cozy blanket, or a snowy walk at night. You might think of family, or maybe the family you won’t see for the holidays because they live in a different province, a different country. 

But if you can take care of that last minute shopping and that peppermint hot chocolate, Benson Kearley IFG can take care of reuniting you with a distanced family member(s) this holiday season. Every year from late October to mid-November, the Newmarket insurance firm runs the Home forHolidays contest where a lucky family is selected to have their family members brought home for the holidays - paid for by Benson Kearley IFG.

This year, you can enter the Home for the Holidays contest up until November 16th, 2014. All you will be required to do is to tell the Benson KearleyIFG team your story. Tell them what they mean in your life, about the circumstances and why don’t think you will see them this holiday. Your story could be inspiring, encouraging, heartfelt or sweet.

There are three ways to enter:


Submit your story online at


Keep an eye out for Benson Kearley IFG at local hockey rinks to make a video submission


Drop off or mail your submission, marked private and confidential, to Courtney Kearley:17705 Leslie St., Suite 101, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3E3.

If you strip the holiday season down of all the festive trappings like gifts, hot chocolate, and decorative lights, the term that best captures the ambience of the season is the term giving and that’s exactly what Benson Kearley IFG plans on doing this holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Head here for your chance to bring a family member home for the holidays!

Benson Kearley IFG is well-known in the Newmarket community for developing and maintaining strong relationships in the region and giving back to the local community. Benson Kearley IFG’s core values have always included being an active part of their community and consciously making a positive impact where they work and live. Home for Holidays is a give back to the local community to help reunite a family that desperately wants to be together during the holiday season but can’t for various reasons.

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10.22.2014 // The Ontario Municipal Elections, Signs, a Chance to meet Dave Kerwin, and a Chance to Vote. Newmarket, are you ready?

Newmarket signage depicting candidates

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

Surely you have noticed the signage around the Town of Newmarket for the 2014 municipal election. If not, you might be blind. Or maybe you are turning a blind eye to ballot you should be filling out and casting.  Whatever the case, at every street corner there’s an array of them; side-by-side, packed tighter than cigarettes in a box and with just as much strategy, secretly trying to choke the other out.

The signs - all shapes, all colours and all sizes, advertise the names of the certified candidates who are vying for positions in Newmarket's municipal election 2014.Some signs are large, some small, some waver precariously in this windy October drizzle. Some signs we would totally like to redesign. But that’s besides the point. Every four years, Ontario’s municipalities elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees and other elected members in our province and on Monday, October 27th 2014, you can get out there and do just that. Vote.

Deep down, we know each candidate desires the chance to stand out, do something positive for the Newmarket community and be that flagship for Newmarket’s future. And why shouldn’t they? Afterall, Newmarket is a pretty great place to live. According  to a national survey by MoneySense Magazine, Newmarket ranked in the top 10 places to live in Canada 2013. Our economy is growing, the region is developing and we are thriving.  

Last week, we at RC Design had the chance to meet with Dave Kerwin, current incumbent and  running for re-election in Ward 2. And while we haven’t had the opportunity to meet every Newmarket candidate, we can attest that Dave Kerwin’s appreciation and passion for Newmarket, paired with his council experience and leadership qualities certainly make him a well-worthy candidate.

So who is Dave Kerwin and what does he have to offer?

Dave Kerwin has been a resident of Newmarket for 43 years along with his wife Erica, making him an established and experienced contender in local politics. He’s got a big heart for the Newmarket community, its continued growth, prosperity and its people, so much so that Dave Kerwin has been on the Newmarket Council for 35 years. 35 years is a long time but one thing we’ve come to learn about Dave Kerwin is his sincere dedication and ability to innovate and come up with new ideas time and time again. With long term involvement in the Newmarket community including volunteer involvement  to dedicated environmental work, Dave Kerwin brings knowledge consistency to the position. Dave Kerwin has also served on many committees throughout the years on council, from the audit committee to the tory relay committee. His involvement in the community is palpable.

We didn’t have time to touch on all aspects of Dave Kerwin’s campaign, but some of the biggest issues that he wants to address is Davis Drive, traffic (yay!) and the completion of Old Town Hall but there are a variety of others that you can find out about here. To Dave Kerwin, the top aspects of Newmarket that make it such a great place to be is Southlake Regional Health Care Centre, the excellent trail system and the Senior’s Centre, Youth Center and Newmarket’s exceptional  recreational facilities.

Dave Kerwin stands for many things and prides himself on his ability to encourage open dialogue with the residents of Newmarket and being available for his constituents, consistently. His goal is to build a community where people not only want to live, work and play, but also grow and thrive. Here’s his commitments to Ward 2.

  • total and complete commitment to the residents of Newmarket
  • a team player, but also an independent voice on Council
  • proactive visionary with a positive attitude
  • the link of Newmarket’s past to the future
  • preserving and protecting established neighborhoods
  • attracting knowledge-based industries through communication infrastructure investments
So, while the landscaping crew in Newmarket has to tread lightly around said signage to avoid damaging spindly wire frames with a blade or trimmer, we, constituents of Newmarket, should tread anything but lightly during this municipal election. These bright and colourful signs represent opportunity for change, for growth, for ideas and innovation. They let Newmarket know that there are community ambassadors that care so fiercely about their ward and their community, that they are willing to represent, be available, and hopefully be accountable, come hell or high waters.  

We didn’t have the chance to meet everyone running in this election, but rest assured we know there are a bunch of remarkable, smart, innovative people running this year. And while each certified candidate is likely busy securing the details of their platform, discussing their achievements and future endeavours with the public and maybe even crossing their fingers for a win, just keep in mind:

The town of Newmarket has a rich heritage, brimming with arts, culture, growth, opportunity and remarkable people. We have a prosperous community and even though we are not without struggles and growing pains, this vote, along with every other municipal election vote, is intended to strengthen our community as a whole.  

So do your research. And vote for the candidate that's right for you. 

On Monday, October 27th, you can have your say and vote for the following offices in the Town of Newmarket.

  • Mayor
  • Regional Councillor
  • Local Councillor (representing each of the 7 wards)
  • Trustee, York Region District School Board
  • Trustee, Conseil scolaire Viamonde (filed with Clerk of the Town of Markham)
  • Trustee, Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (filed with Clerk of the Town of Markham)

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4.21.2014 // The Kind of Creative Team that gets Pictures with the likes of Ethan Hawke


We met Ethan Hawke.

Actually, we insisted we meet Ethan Hawke before he even knew about it. 

We should probably elaborate. 


On Thursday, April 17th, Newmarket’s own Main Street was graced with a little bit of Hollywood as a section of the street was blocked off to film part of the movie, Regression, starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson.

Filming occurred intermittently throughout the day on Thursday, and luckily, some of the driving scenes were filmed directly in front of our office. This might definitely meant less than optimal concentration levels during the day, but we can assure you, excitement levels were immeasurable in the anticipation of Ethan, or Emma wandering around small-town Newmarket, on Main Street.

The Story: 

The morning on of April 17th, we arrive at work, excited, obviously.  It was crisp but sunny and we could sense the looming filming activity, as late-90s style cars lined Main Street on either side. Krista started her day by dropping off her bags at her desk, left again and scoped the set area looking for an interesting lede or great picture! (or you know, a famous person). She marked it on her timesheet accordingly.

We poked our heads out the office door several times throughout the morning, hoping to catch a glimpse what was going on and by noon, our team connected with some of the grip crew (the tech crew responsible for lighting and rigging) who were shooting right in front of the office window! Lucky! The grip crew mentioned that they frequently avoid filming in Toronto as it’s tough to close down streets, which means suburban areas outside the city make for ideal set and shooting locations.

We’ll take it!  

And meet a star we did! Who else, other than a few ladies at RC Design got an introduction, a hug, and a proper shot with Ethan Hawke? 

“I didn’t understand why no one was asking for a picture. I figured I would shout out to him and ask," says Katelyn Smith, project manager at RC Design. “Two minutes later Ethan Hawke is walking towards me and I get a picture”. “He’s a great guy taking the time out of his day that he didn’t have to. All just to make someones day that much better,” says Katelyn Smith. 

“At RC Design, we're all about capturing and telling compelling stories. We do it online, we do it through print for all kinds of great brands,” says Krista Maier, writer at RC Design. “So, we saw an opportunity to reach out and took it.”

With three pairs of hands in the air, more waving ensued with another RC Design colleague, Ria Tsangaris and damn, it paid off! He came directly over to us!

Around 3:35 p.m. Ethan Hawke exited his vehicle, meandered through a crowded sidewalk and said, “Alright, let’s do this!” before even reaching us. After introductions (was this for real?!), we took a few pictures, and graciously thanked him even though the whole event that lasted less than three minutes and seemed impossibly surreal (we need doctors, we know.) 

RC Team meeting Ethan Hawke!

Although we don’t know Ethan personally, it’s always admirable and unexpected when someone with a “Hollywood” status acknowledges the everyday people and fans around them. We know it can’t always happen. Everyone has a busy schedules, but it was pretty great! 

Pictures! A handshake! And a group hug!

Main Street remained busy for the duration of the day. By 5 p.m., after posting all of our pictures on social media, we headed home.

Only to return to Main Street…

Admittedly, after the whole starstruck escapade, Katelyn and Krista came back for more. They planted themselves at Hungry Brew Hops, had a couple drinks and hoped to spot Emma Watson. Shameless, we know. Instead we saw another set shot - a rainy night scene paired lots of equipment to make it happen. But, it was an opportunity and at RC Design, if you know nothing about us at all, you must know that we take these opportunities by the horns! Because they are chances. And a chance missed, is a lost opportunity.   

Night scene filming on Main Street


Yes, we knew about the filming a few weeks before, when all businesses on Main Street were informed of potential interruptions starting April 16th. But, what you don’t know, is that RC Design would meet Ethan Hawke up close and personal because we pursued it, because we wanted it, because we took a chance. Simple as that.

We’re also the business that was interviewed by a local publication as the follow-up story, because guess what? We got the goods!

The Connection: 

We can get the goods for you too! We are the team of creative thinkers that help drive brands across digital and traditional print platforms for over 15 years. We’re the ones that are so willing to get to know you, we’re going to wave you down on the side of the road, just like we did to Ethan Hawke. 

We’re the ones willing to take chances, to jump outside our comfort zone (believe us, waving like loons on a sidewalk to Ethan Hawke is awkward) but in doing things like this, we create stories, we create a fuss, we create opportunities, we create a hype and impact. We like doing this for brands, organizations and businesses.  And while like we’re capable of various creative requests, know that what's most important to us is our connection with our clients. 

In working with RC Design, you can always expect a creative partnership, not just a creative one-off job. Ethan Hawke, shocker, is human! He said, “hi, how’s it going, let’s take a picture.” That’s the kind of relationship with strive to create with everyone of our clients. We’re open, we’re informative, we get excited, and passionate about our projects! We’re kinda fun. We want to make your day, (not by posing with a famous person of course), but by helping you create something remarkable, daring, memorable for your brand. Afterall, that’s why we create, design, develop and write for people.

So, seriously, let’s chat. 


This isn’t the first time Main Street in Newmarket, Ontario has been indulged by a Hollywood presence. The 2012 remake of Carrie happened right Main Street! Other films shot in Newmarket include Repo Man (2010) Dream House (2011) and parts of the Canadian-made police drama series, Flashpoint.

Regression, the psychological thriller is scheduled to release in the summer of 2015, no doubt with a little Newmarket claim-to-fame in it, and we’re glad we got to be a part of it! And thank you again to Mr. Ethan Hawke taking a second out of your day to take a picture. It made our day!

4.2.2014 // Top 9 Crucial Considerations When Selecting a Digital Agency

RC Design reveals critical questions to ask your future digital agency.

RC Design, the team of creative thinkers leveraging both traditional and digital technology, has been helping businesses define and build brands online and in print, for over 15 years. Headquartered in the heart of Newmarket, Ontario, their team is best known for critical web-based application development and the seamless design and implementation of unique site functionality such as: document management systems, creative file sharing systems, unique CRM tools and software, robust e-commerce solutions and specialized client portals.

But selecting a digital agency that marries creativity and commerce can be a daunting, especially when you don’t know what questions to ask, or what to look for. “One of the most imperative parts of your digital presence is that your site is as easy for you to administer, as it is for your customers to use,” says Kris Atkinson, developer at RC Design. “The agency you choose should understand this.”

Click here to review key questions to keep in mind when researching and selecting a digital agency in the Toronto area, right from RC Design's team of developers.

12.16.2013 // RC Design wins platinum at the 2014 marcom awards!

RC Design wins Platinum at the MarCom Awards this year for the design of the Town of Newmarket Annual Report!

MarCom Awards is a creative competition accepting entries from many agencies, from corporate marketing to design shops. It celebrates excellent in marketing and communications, and we were selected from over 6,000 entries throughout Canada, the United States, and several other countries.

10.23.2013 // RC Design creates a Modern day Legacy of Family Identity and Values

family coat of arms

At RC Design we get to work on some pretty cool projects on a regular basis. Custom web design may be our niche but we also excel in creating compelling digital and print communications, advertising and marketing, and logo and brand development. Once in a while we get a really interesting project where we get to creatively forge something entirely new.

Take for instance, creating a family brand on a shield.

Recently we were commissioned to design a family coat of arms. The client described his vision; a precious family dog, a cherished family home, a swallow representing the dogs unending hunt and a unique cluster of birch trees. Our job was to illustrate our client’s legacy and bring it to life on a beautiful black shield.

A coat of arms is a unique heraldic symbol specific to a person or family on a shield. Visual symbolism is not new. In fact, it’s been used for centuries.  There is a rich heritage associated with a family coat of arms traditionally recognized as a trademark of England and Ireland decent, however family coat of arms were also common in early German, Scandinavian and Nordic countries. A coat of arms was used by medieval knights for protection in battle but also to identify the wearer. Depending on the country, the coat of arms can actually identify a family, a military unit or even an individual.

A single design has the power to drive an entire identity.

To capture the true essence of old-English art style, we teamed up with a local artist to illustrate the client’s vision to capture the historical nuance associated with heraldic design. With some finessing we took the artwork provided by the artist and turned it into a digital illustration. The artwork was then vinyl wrapped onto the shield.

Personal branding begins right at home if you think about it. Think about your family; what do you collectively believe in, value, enjoy? When a family comes together and establishes morals and values a family identity is created; it might be a motto to live by, it might be how your family is recognized in the community, it could be a number of things really, but one thing is certain.

It’s consistent and familiar. Consistency is one of the key elements of maintaining a brand.    

A brand is a blueprint; the stepping stone to the design, the content, and the promotional activity behind your identity. It’s about creating and defining a distinguishable and unique position, and creating consistent message that reaffirms this identity. Strong brands elicit emotion and opinions; they get people talking.

And how could a family coat of arms, emblazoned on a shield not be a great conversation starter?

9.4.2013 // Toronto Children's Aid Society Website Redesigned to meet Provincial Accessibility Standards (AODA)


Recently, RC Design redesigned and also transformed Children’s Aid Society of Toronto’s (CAST) website so that it reflects AODA standards. CAST exists to protect children from abuse and neglect and to offer support to family and communities. It’s a big mission - one that can be better achieved when all pertinent information on their site is accessible to everyone. 

So, what are AODA standards?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 exists to prevent barriers for people with disabilities in daily life by 2025; with five year milestones until full compliancy is reached. From an online perspective, this requires web developers to integrate AODA-compliant elements into all design processes.

AODA standards vary from simple front-end compliancy like: using high contrast colours and text to convey information indicating an action, conveying information, prompting a response or distinguishing a visual element, keyboard accessible interface, screen reader adaptability, label description in form fields, pre-recorded audio descriptions and writing simple content.

Other more complex coding and backend requirements include but not limited to: using label elements to associate text labels with form controls (HTML), identifying errors and describing errors in texts to users, providing labels or instructions when content requires user input, and positioning labels to maximize predictability of relationships.

Standards for AODA compliancy are robust from both a visual and programming standpoint. From integrating audio-visual cues to programing the site to be keyboard-accessible, working with a design agency that is able to integrate these processes succinctly is mission-critical.

CAST Redesign 

CAST’s online presence is now as big and bold as their mission. The intuitive and easy-to-navigate redesign is welcoming, simple and organized coherently. Relevant information is searchable to volunteers, stakeholders and potential parental candidates. Two custom designed secure portals were created specifically for existing foster parents and board members.

The foster parent portal is a resource and information hub that provides foster parents a place to connect to see latest announcement, sign up for courses that offer support, view policies and interact on a message board. The board member portal was designed to offer informational support to staff.

RC Design has designed several AODA sites including: Toronto, Durham, York Region Children’s Aid Society, as well as Children Welfare Institute.

Please contact us if you require further information on AODA compliancy.


1.9.2013 // Benson Kearley IFG Home For Holidays Contest!

Benson Kearley IFG, a great company, doing great things!

We are so proud to have such great clients who are constantly giving back to our community!
Click on the image below to watch Rogers TV coverage on the Home For Holidays contest!

Sometimes it takes more than desire to bridge distance.


11.29.2012 // Neighbourhood Network Holiday Gift Drive

This holiday season is the perfect time to give back to others in need!
Please drop off your gift donations to one of the following locations:

AURORA: Neighbourhood Network, 14988 Yonge Street
Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm

NEWMARKET: RC Design, 241 Main Street South
Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm

EAST GWILLIMBURY: Town Hall, 19000 Leslie Street
Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Wish List:

Yellow Brick House – teen and mothers gifts, clothing and toiletries

Pathways for Children – 3 families and 3 individuals
· socks size 4 with grips
· Cars 2 DVD
· V-tech mobigo learning system
· Chrome scooter
· Cars 2 pillow cases and/or blanket
· Dishes, pots, bedding (queen size)
· Toiletries (makeup sponges, Cover girl eye liner, elastics, bobby pins)
· Children’s size 10 boots
· Small water fountain model with sound
· Men’s boots – size 11 and size 11.5 (Timberland style)
· Refurbished computer/laptop
· Clothing – 3 year old boy; 4 year old boy
Blue Door
· New men’s socks, boxers, t-shirts, sweat pants/shirts, gloves, hats, boots, winter coats
· Sports/duffle bags, children’s knapsacks
· Toiletries – men and women
· Dishes, cutlery, cups/glasses, sheets, blankets, towels
Women’s Centre
· School supplies
· Winter warmth items (coats/scarves/hats/mittens/gloves/boots for women & kids
· Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soaps, hand soap, lotions, deodorants, shaving gel, cosmetics, feminine hygiene items, toothpaste & mouthwash, diapers & wipes
Big Brothers Big Sisters – toys
PACC – 20-30 families – toys or anything we have
Salvation Army – pre-teen and teen gifts
Inn From the Cold – new socks, underwear and long johns, men & women
Rose of Sharon – infant, toddler toys; infant, adult food; diapers 4-6, pullups, formula
Newmarket Family through Welcome Wagon
3 boys – 9, 14, 16 – various list plus clothing
Grandma - slippers, size 8, and ladies large pjs, scarf/mitts
Suggested gift cards:
Children’s Place
La Senza
Foot Locker
Garage Clothing
American Eagle
Campus Crew
Upper Canada Mall
Bus pass
Phone cards
Grocery stores
Best Buy
Mark’s Work Wearhouse
Fast Food – McDonalds, Tim Hortons
Canadian Tire

11.27.2012 // RC Design wins Gold at the MarCom awards!
Great News from the team at RC Design, we are thrilled to share that the 2010/2011 Town of Newmarket Annual Report designed by RC has been awarded the 2012 Gold MarCom Award!

The MarCom award celebrates excellence in marketing and communications, and we were selected from over 6,000 entries throughout Canada, the United States and several other countries.

The MarCom award is judged by industry professionals looking for organizations, companies and individuals whose talent serve as a benchmark for the communications industry.

What a perfect way to end off the year!

Thanks to the town of Newmarket for the great opportunity. We were grateful to work with a great communications team and partner in the process—they are a well oiled machine!

11.1.2012 // NCOC 2012 Business Excellence Award Winner

Props to our friends over at CAM Packaging Systems! They were a recipient of the Chuck Cino New Business of the Year Award! Congrats guys!


L-R: Steve Hinder -Board Chair, Gareth Kennedy and Mike Potts - CAM Packaging Systems, Tim Laronde - TD Commercial Banking
Sponsor: TD Canada Trust

Take a look at the video below, put together by the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, to learn more about CAM Packaging Systems and why they won this award:



4.19.2012 // Support Belinda's Place and Be Part of Candy History!

RC Design is proud to have been a part of an innovation in candy vending. All proceeds from this prototype will be donated to Belinda's Place charity.

Bring your kids to Upper Canada Mall to try out this amazing new machine and help out local homeless women in the process.



3.21.2012 // Tyke Select B York Simcoe Champions 2012

Congratulations to the Newmarket Redmen Tyke Select B for winning the York Simcoe Championships. The Tyke’s successful playoff run included a best of 7 series in the Semi Finals and Finals. Newmarket advanced through the Semi’s beating East Gwillimbury in 4 games and went on to sweep Aurora in the Finals.  The Redmen outscored their opponents 25-5 during their playoff run. Congratulations to the team and coaches and of course to the parents for all of their support. Way to go Redmen!!

2.7.2012 // It's Carpool Week (Feb 6 - 12 2012)

TORONTO (February 6, 2012) – Today marks the beginning of Carpool Week, an annual awareness campaign presented by Metrolinx’s Smart Commute Program, aimed at getting more people to share the ride to work.

For people like user Cynthia Koch, who commutes from Waterdown to Mississauga, carpooling has becoming an effective way to deal with rising stress levels, and greatly reduces the costs associated with her commute to work. “I was spending two to three hours commuting each day, a tonne of gas, frustration and a lot of stress.” Cynthia now makes arrangements to share driving responsibilities with her colleagues, which she’s found creates time for collaboration and brainstorming. “Some of our best ideas and best initiatives have come out of carpool.”

About Smart Commute
Smart Commute is an initiative of Metrolinx and the municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area that works with employers to improve commuting options for their employees. Smart Commute helps employers and commuters in the GTHA explore different commuting options like carpooling, cycling and transit. Our goal is to ease gridlock, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while making your commute less expensive and more enjoyable. To date, 204 employers with 524,000 employees across the GTHA have signed on and are designated as Smart Commute workplaces.

About Metrolinx
Metrolinx is the Province of Ontario's regional transportation agency for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The organization’s mission is to champion, develop and implement an integrated transportation system for our region that enhances prosperity, sustainability and quality of life.

For more information about Carpool Week and carpooling in the GTHA, visit

11.30.2011 // 2011 Neighbourhood Network Holiday Gift Drive
Neighbourhood Network will be accepting gift donations to pass along to our community partner organizations, who will distribute them to individuals and families in need throughout Aurora and Newmarket.

Gift donations can be delivered to:

In Aurora:
Neighbourhood Network’s office
14988 Yonge Street
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

In Newmarket:
RC Design
241 Main Street South
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you cannot drop off your donations, please call us Neighbourhood Network at 905-726-3737 and they will assist.
When you make your donation through Neighbourhood Network, they guarantee that it will reach the hands of someone who needs it most.

Below is a list of some items that have been requested by families in need.

  • Older children – DVDs, (Cars 2, Fast Five, Pirates of the Caribbean DVD set)
  • CDs  (Mariana Trenche, Hedley)
  • Teens – clothing
  • Arts & crafts for adults
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Gift cards – grocery stores, Sears, Zellers, Walmart, gas stations, Tim Hortons, Costco, Best Buy, HMV, EB Games, Mastermind Toys, Upper Canada Mall, Lasenza, Stitches, Winners, Chapters
  • Long distance calling cards
  • Movie passes - Silvercity
  • Alarm clocks
  • Watches
  • Wallets
  • MP3 players with earphones
  • Lamps/flashlights
  • Hats/gloves/scarves
  • Winter vests, coats, fleece sweaters
  • Socks, slippers
  • Magazines
  • hair products, brushes, combs
  • Running shoes
  • Track pants
  • Pj’s
  • Bedding
  • Coffee makers
  • Toasters
  • Sets of drinking glasses
  • Cutlery sets
  • Plate sets
  • Towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry baskets
  • Mom gifts – perfume, make up, sweaters, pj’s, creams, gloves, slippers, robes
  • Wii Pictionary
  • Wii Sports Resort
  • Baby Formula – Good start Omega 3
  • Men’s clothing (winter boots size 10, hooded sweats, work pants 36Wx34L)
  • Calendars, Day Planners
  • iPod
11.2.2011 // Hempen Jewellers wants to give you the ring of your dreams!
Hempen Jewellers is having an incredible contest!
Win a ring valued up to $5,000! NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Using Matrix 3D Design Software, Hempen Jewellers can rapidly prototype the ring of your dreams, right before your eyes.

Sign up for your chance to win at, or visit Hempen Jewellers (220 Main Street South, Newmarket, ON) to fill out a ballot and submit the inspiration for the ring you’ve always wanted.
Your inspiration can be a sketch, magazine cut out, photograph, or even an original heirloom.
Take advantage of this incredible opportunity, and enter this contest today! SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY BY WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011!
Hempen Jewellers is the only jeweller in York Region with state-of-the-art technology from Gemvision and Solidscape and they want to give you the ring you’ve always wanted!
Find out more details at

9.19.2011 // Electronic Waste contains valuable materials as well as toxic substances. What do you do with YOUR e-waste?

There are so many reasons to recycle your e-waste - whether you want to help save the environment or help save yourself from identity theft, it's important that electronic devices are disposed of properly. ARTEX Environmental Corporation in conjunction with the Town of Newmarket is here to help you do just that on October 1st!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011 join Regional Councillor John Taylor at the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex and help do your part to save the environment!

Click here for more details on the time and place. For futher information, you can find the FAQ's here.

9.8.2011 // Magna to Donate $1 Million to Local Women's Shelter // Belinda’s Place To Open Its Doors in 2013

Magna International Inc. today announced that the Company will match a $1 million contribution from the community toward the establishment of Belinda’s Place, York Region’s first homeless shelter for single women.

Magna is matching a $1 million contribution that has been pledged by the Belinda’s Place Foundation, established in June 2009.

The $1 million contribution from Magna will be used to create an endowment fund that will support programs and services for women who access the shelter. Funds raised by local residents through the Belinda’s Place Foundation will be used for the capital expenses associated with building the shelter, which will be located in Newmarket.

“Magna is proud to be a supporter of this vital community initiative,” said Marc Neeb, Executive Vice-President, Global Human Resources at Magna. “The Magna donation will help give women without a home the shelter, skills and resources they need to get back on their feet and start anew.”
Expected to open in 2013, Belinda’s Place will offer single homeless women the opportunity to rebuild their lives through life-changing services that promote stability, dignity and self-reliance.  

For more information, please visit Belinda's Place, or click here to see the work we've done for Belinda's Place.
9.7.2011 // Nothing says 'Committment' like this motorcycle stunt! Sure he got paid $2M - but would you do it??
Robbie Maddison was paid $2M by Red Bull to do this jump - but he says he wouldn't do it again, not even for $10M...Click "Read More" below to watch the video!!
9.1.2011 // The Harrison Family of Aurora does it again! Read this inspirational media release:

Some of Ontario’s poorest children will be going back to school this year with full backpacks and new running shoes, thanks to a big-hearted Aurora family.

(Aurora, Ont.) Like many Canadians, 21-year-old Jordyn Harrison and his 17-year-old sister Brooke didn’t realize they had a Third World in their own northern backyard. It wasn’t until Brooke heard a talk at a local Aurora church by Anglican Bishop Mark Macdonald that she learned of Ontario’s Ojibwa and Cree children going to school hungry and cold. Macdonald, Canada’s first indigenous bishop, compared conditions on northern Ontario reserves to Haiti.

“Brooke and I were blown away,” says her mother, Gina, after discovering that the children lived in overcrowded, mould-filled houses on the isolated, fly-in reserves, many without running water. “We came home and called my son at university and said, "Hey, this is the next bunch of children you should help."

Jordyn Harrison has been helping children in foster care with his charity, Kids for Kids since he was eleven-years-old. Sending backpacks and duffle bags with a book and gift to thousands of children in over 23 CAS agencies in the province, he has garnered a host of awards for his generous civic engagement, including the Ontario Junior Citizen’s Award and the Me to We/Free the Children Award.

Brooke, meanwhile, has published two books and donated the proceeds to childhood leukemia research, and is currently the Youth Ambassador for Magna International’s Neighbourhood Network and founder of the Philip Aziz Centre’s Youth Advisory Council.

With the help of Gina and their father Dale, the Harrisons solicited donations from friends, family and businesses, working their way through “wish lists” provided by the communities situated more than 600 kilometers north of Thunder Bay. “The wish lists are incredible, such basic items,” says Gina. “Clean bedding, gently used shoes, warm clothing for the children and school supplies. Every child in this province and country should be entitled to a warm bed and an education.”

The Harrisons discovered what, precisely, was needed by consulting the North-South Partnership for Children, a coalition of caring individuals and organizations in Southern Ontario who have partnered with 30 remote First Nation communities in the North to collectively tackle the poverty. Partners include Rotary Clubs, church congregations, non-profits like Save the Children and UNICEF. It is co-chaired by Chief Donny Morris of Big Trout Lake, and former Senator Landon Pearson of Ottawa.

Most people assume that the federal and provincial governments safeguard the basic needs of First Nations children, but they are wrong.

“I must say when we tell people what we are doing and why,” says Gina, “they are totally shocked as we were!! They had no idea that fellow Canadians are living in such conditions, some communities without a school and some families without running water??

 So far, the Harrisons have filled 90 backpacks with a book and gifts, with over 700 more to go, and have collected over 20 boxes of bedding, over 200 pair of new shoes donated by one generous family member, fabric, sewing and notions for a new parent group, baby clothing and warm clothing for children and young adults, boxes of school supplies, books, and art supplies.

They plan to ship the supplies with the help of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The OPP are going to transport the donations from the Harrisons’ home to Sioux Lookout, where the OPP will fly everything to the communities.

For more information, contact:
The Harrisons @
Betty- Lou Scholey – Director of Operations
North South Partnership for Children
416-644-5162 ext 1


On Friday, August 12th, at 7:00 p.m., The Village of Richmond Hill Five Senses Festival will kick-off at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, and will continue to take place in the Village of Richmond Hill at Yonge Street & Major Mackenzie Drive, on Saturday, August 13th, at 10:00 a.m. Attend this spectacular festival to view beautiful artworks by local artists, listen to the fabulous Teresa Marchione sing, be entertained by the one and only Mike Mandel, and much more!

Visit to learn more about this exciting event. Let your senses come alive!


Mark Holden is a master at creating Expressionist-Pop works. His pieces in the “DJ Cuttin on the Dancefloor” series are in honour of musicians that have influenced him throughout the past 12 years. With his great passion of working with colour, Mark continues to create works of art that are tasteful while keeping consistent with his established and recognizable techniques. A total of 31 paintings are currently in the "DJ Cuttin on the Dancefloor" series. 

Visit to browse through more DJ paintings, or other artworks that Mark has created.

Mark Holden’s work will also be displayed at The Village of Richmond Hill Five Senses Festival, taking place on August 12th and 13th. Visit to learn more! If you would like to get in touch with Mark, call (905) 830-2049 or e-mail


The York Region Children’s Aid Society applied to TVO with over 300 other groups for help with building an outdoor playground for children in their care when parents are visiting at their Leslie St. location.

The funding that was to be available for this did not happen and they are seeking your assistance. They have a rubber floor mat surface committed but still need $20,000 to purchase the playground equipment in order to fully complete the project in advance of the July 15, 16 & 17th filming by TVO, in a series called 'Giver'.

“Giver” is a new series on TVO (TV Ontario) where they engage groups of kids in communities across the province of Ontario to revitalize their playgrounds to become community hubs. The show is a first impression of many for all the different aspects of playground construction.

The show aims to unleash the potential of youth by allowing them to use their creativity and imagination to build the most amazing themed playgrounds in areas across Ontario that are in-need of love and giving back to their communities. It teaches them the value of collaboration, responsibility and empowerment.

YRCAS are hoping to generate some funds with local businesses in the Newmarket area in order for to build a car themed playground in the parking lot of the York Regional Children’s Aid Society—an area much in-need of love. This playground will provide kids and their visiting  parents a safe, fun space to meet and be observed by a social worker as right now the meeting spaces are very small rooms in the Children’s Aid Society building that make it hard for kids to relax.

Businesses or individuals who participate in the build (while it is being filmed) will be invited to a media event for the opening and will be permanently recognized on an onsite plaque.

HOW TO HELP! If you can assist or know of someone who might donate funds please ask them to contact Leslie directly at 905 895-2318 x6347.